NRA-ILA Election Volunteer Coordinator – Nassau County, New York

showing garuch

Garuch at a Battle of the Bulge Event.

Well as I had promised elsewhere in our musings, this is going to be my Activism Post. Unlike the rest of the site, this will pretty much be chronologically organized most recent to most antiquated, kind of like me.It’s no secret that I am furiously anti-incumbent here in New York particularly, and beyond that I firmly also believe that is time for Political dynasties and families to retire forever from politics. Public service is a calling and not a career path to wealth and undue influence. Term limits are absolutely necessary for Washington to ever get fixed, if that’s even possible. But anyway, here’s a link that for now I’d like to share.

While Astorino may not be exactly God’s Gift in every way, we can rest assured that Cuomo may be batting for a coach from a somewhat warmer climb. This is probably a 15 second spot, enjoy!

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I have many hobbies and spend a fair amount of time playing at them. I'd love to spend more, but there's this earning a living thing... So I often fill my idle hours spewing forth ideas and opinions, unsolicited or not. This is merely an extension of that propensity.
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