A New York State of Mind – or How to Work Out Your Depression…

So, here I am a Long Island New Yorker, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, I also happen to be a shooter, High Power/Service Rifle, as well as pistol and the occasional shotgun and muzzleloader. As such, I can recall from the distant past, the days when the big challenge was finding a place to shoot, but these days, the challenge is more one of finding a place to hide, or move to.

The challenge lately is finding a place to hide or move to!

The challenge lately is finding a place to hide or move to!

At this point, more than enough has been written about the New York SAFE act and we all understand that that act was a result of electing the wrong folks at the right time to “serve” in that pit of despair commonly referred to as Albany.

Cuomo is ridding New York of guns, gun owners, firearms jobs, the second amendment, and, Oh Yeah he supports your right to hunt!

Cuomo is ridding New York of guns, gun owners, firearms jobs, the second amendment, and, Oh Yeah he supports your right to hunt!

For a just minute, lets take a quick aside to look, from a Second Amendment point of view, into Albany’s den of thieves. First there’s Andrew Cuomo, from all accounts the block’s biggest bully, he is the son of Mario Cuomo, former governor, of NYS from 1983 to 1994. Can we assume that during his dad’s tenure Andrew developed a taste?

Once he attained his age of majority he moved through various public housing related Clinton appointments until his failed run for governor in 2002. He then opted for the role of NYS Attorney General 2005 – 2011. Can this experience be seen as possibly leading him to his current opposition to the private ownership of pretty much anything, but especially firearms? Oh he’ll tell you that he supports your Second amendment rights, if you hunt with a single shot shotgun, carrying no more than two registered and licensed shells… Just kidding (so far anyway)! I guess we know where he’s coming from, right?

The future of the Second Amendment under Cuomo and other elected officials who "Support your Second Amendment 'hunting right'!"

The future of the Second Amendment under Cuomo and other elected officials who “Support your Second Amendment ‘hunting right’!”

Well, maybe, we can find hope in my locally elected Republican state legislators. Let’s see, there Dean Skelos (R) (NYS Senator and Co-Chair) and Brian Curran (R) Representative, this should be great right? They should be defenders of the 2nd Amendment right? Well not so much actually. They both get an “F” rating. What? Well let’s take a larger look around and see where our allies can be found.

Showing recruitment art for the NRA

Join the NRA and help support the defense of Second Amendment Rights. Jopin today and save as much as $10.00 on your membership. Just click the image to join today.

Of the 11 Nassau County incumbents and candidates for NYS Assembly seats (6 R, and 5 D) there are 2 Republicans who gain “A” ratings, Michael Montesano (R-15) and Joseph Saladino (R-9) and the rest, Republican and Democrat alike all get “F’s”

Of the Five NYS Senators from Nassau County all Republicans, one gets anA”, Gigi Bowman (R-5)                  The rest, You guessed it “F’s”.

Surely our U.S. Congressmen must be better right? Let’s see we have 5 Districts on Long Island:

Long Island US Congressional Districts

1 South Fork Eastern Suffolk County
Incumbent: Tim Bishop (D) 2003 Rated(F)
Candidate: Lee M Zelin Rated (A+)

2 SW Suffolk Small SE Nassau
Incumbent: Peter T. King (R) 2013 3rd CD 1993-2013 Rated(F)
Candidate: Patricia Maher (D) Rated(F)

3 North Shore NW Suffolk, Nassau, NE Queens
Incumbent: Steve Israel (D) 2013 2nd 2001-2013 Rated(F)
Candidate: Grant Lally (R & C) Rated(C)

4 Central and Southern Nassau
Incumbent: McCarthy You’re Kidding Right?
Candidates: Kathleen Rice (D) Rated(F)
Bruce A. Blakeman (R C I) Rated(C)

5 Queens & Small Part of Nassau
Incumbent: Gregory Meeks (D) Rated(F)
Candidate: None

Ratings provided by the Shooters Committee on Political Education


New York Senators, need I go there? Chuckie and Kristen friends of the Second Amendment?

I don’t think so!


So the question rapidly becomes, what exactly can we do, if anything to push back against the raging anti-gun sentiment in the politics of New York? Well it is important to recognize that the single most important job that any modern day “Public Servant” has these days is to maintain their job! Next comes the lip service to serving their constituents’ interests.

So therefore, since we have. depending on where you live, virtually no pro-2A candidates to vote for, then we gotta deal with what we have by holding their feet to the fire and letting them know we are watching and waiting!

  • Register to vote and then VOTE!
  • Start a letter and e-mail writing campaign
  • Write your representatives at every opportunity!
  • Every contact with your representative should remind them that we are voters, and that we are watching very carefully every action on Second Amendment concerns.
  • If we are asking for a change of parking regulations, include a request for Second Amendment position statement.
  • Every candidate running for any elected office needs to be contacted for his position on Second amendment issues and request his/her answer in writing.
  • If at all possible get involved with the party of your choice on a local level and demand a more pro second amendment policy moving forward.
  • If you have not already done so, stop reading this and Join the NRA and the NYSRPA, then reach into your pockets again and send a donation to the NRA ILA and The NYSRPA Defeat the NYSAFE Act campaigns.

Lastly we must absolutely become advocates of action amongst our friends and family in promoting interest in the shooting sports and political action. Only through growing numbers of active engaged shooters will our cause ever regain the lost ground here in New York State. We are engaged in a long and tedious battle in which we must prevail!

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I have many hobbies and spend a fair amount of time playing at them. I'd love to spend more, but there's this earning a living thing... So I often fill my idle hours spewing forth ideas and opinions, unsolicited or not. This is merely an extension of that propensity.
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